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Thank you for choosing to learn with Vivienne Eio and her Team of Associate Teachers. She is delighted to have you as her student and will be committed in bringing out the best of your talent and abilities. Do remember that commitment to practice and to come for lessons regularly and punctually is also equally important to make the most out of these classes. Please take some time to read the terms and conditions.


Fees Guidelines upon Sign Up per this Teaching Agreement

  1. Payment will be by Bank/Paynow/PayLah! Transfer, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic Cash & Cheque modes are not advisable.
  2. Fees are collected by term on the first two weeks of every 3 months.
  3. Late payment of fees will incur an extra 15% charge.
  4. Strictly no refund of fees.
  5. There are no make up lessons. If cancellations of class were given at least 7 days notice in advance, a make up could be possible (Cancellation or missed classes within 48 hours of the commencement of the class is deemed a counted lesson.)
  6. No termination of lessons in the month of November, last lesson of that period will have to be end December. There will be a ONE month notice to terminate classes in formal writing. Sudden Termination without ONE month notice will lead to an extra one month of payment of fees.
  7. The 5th week lesson of the month shall be a rest week where there will be no lessons.  However, should the student desire to have 5 weeks of lesson in the month, the fees for that month for all 5 lessons shall be made payable at the beginning of the term so that notice for scheduling can be possible.
  8. For unforeseen medical reasons, last minute cancellations before the commencement of classes will render a make up class.  In such cases, a Medical Certificate must be produced. (During Covid 19 Period, no MC will be needed please rest at home and do a make up or if you are up to it, have an online lesson instead of coming physically for class.)
  9. All Make up Classes should ideally be completed during the same month or month after of which the cancellation of class was made.
  10. Trial Classes will be booked and paid in advance, there will be no cancellations after booking and payment is made. Strictly no refunds will be given for any changes.
  11. There is a refundable ONE month deposit of your fees if ONE month notice was duly given to terminate lessons.  At your notice of termination, if all fees had been duly paid to the last lesson with us, we will immediately transfer your remaining deposit or fees back if needed to be prorated.  However, the admin fee at $68.00 is a one-time payment and if you re-join our studio within 18 months of leaving there is no additional payment made for the registration.
  12. Do note that there are no make up lessons if online lessons have to be given as a mandated directive by the Government due to Covid 19.
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