E Series & 6 Series Professional Violas

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E Series & 6 Series
E Series & 6 Series Professional Violas

E Series & 6 Series Professional Violas

All Violins are Set Up by Vivienne and her Team in Singapore, they are tuned and ready to play.  All bows are rosined. Please CHECK SIZING before purchase.  CONTACT US for if you are a Music Teacher or A Music School Supplying Violins to Students.  Also Make an Appointment to come down to try.

A Fine Tuner Tailpiece is installed on BV E Series Violins and Four Fine Tuners are installed on our Professional Viola BV6 Sell bows are rosined.

All Violins come with a 12-month Direct Purchaser Service Warranty.  This does not cover any issues arising from accidents or negligence or misuse. The BVE Series comes with a 6-month warranty against Mechanical Failure and 12-month Direct Purchaser Service Warranty.

Photographs and Audio Samples of these Models are most accurately taken to represent the Violin Models of this Series.  Note that the Silent Violin is silent therefore there is no Audio Sample.  We are working towards creating one.

Please CONTACT US for Bulk Purchases if you are a music school or music supplier.

A German Viola 16 1/2 inches
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Rare One Piece Back Viola,  wood quality is superb to make a one piece back violin.  The maker would
An American Viola 1990 16 3/8 inches
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An American Viola by Michele Ashley The back is contructed by Yugoslavian curly maple and has a
Sale BV E Series
$468.00 $397.80
Comes with our standard 12 Month Service Warranty, Our electric violins are handmade in our wor
Sale BV6.4 Series Viola
$380.00 $361.00
Handmade Intermediate to Advanced Series Viola Produces a good solid resonant tone.   Good pla
Sale Cello Bow
$60.00 $57.00
Designed to be well weighted and balanced, durable Cello Bow.Very good quality wood to produce a max
Sale Viola Bow
$560.00 $392.00
A bow that is designed for easy playability, well weighted and expressive. Helps to produce anexcell
Sale BV6.6 Series Viola
$700.00 $630.00
Although we make all price ranges of Viola, we have only displayed here our best selling models whic