Violins on Consignment

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Violins on Consignment

Violins on Consignment

These are Violins that are on Consignment with us. Please note that these are various brands reflected, and we will not warranty against the instrument after sale. Please note that these instruments are generally used and not new instruments.

Please contact us if you have a violin on Consignment.

Sale 1/4 Violin Advanced Series
$380.00 $349.60
This is an advanced series violin with a two piece clear maple grained back and flaming.  Fitted wit
A German Viola 16 1/2 inches
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Rare One Piece Back Viola,  wood quality is superb to make a one piece back violin.  The maker would
An American Viola 1990 16 3/8 inches
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An American Viola by Michele Ashley The back is contructed by Yugoslavian curly maple and has a
Walter Mahr German Violin 4/4 Year 2001  ID No 12-41
This is a well made German Violin by Walter Mahr in 2001.  Wood selection in this batch and yea