Violin Series

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Violin Series
Violin Series

Violin Series

All Violins are Set Up by Vivienne and her Team in Singapore, they are tuned and ready to play.  All bows are rosined. Please CHECK SIZING before purchase.  CONTACT US for if you are a Music Teacher or A Music School Supplying Violins to Students.  Also Make an Appointment to come down to try.

A Fine Tuner Tailpiece is installed on BV1 Series, All Four Fine Tuners are installed in BV3 and BV5 Series, 1 Fine Tuner is installed in BV7 Series on the E string but will send 3 extra Fine Tuners to be self-installed.  Please indicate in your order if you would like any differences in Fine Tuner set up.

All Violins come with a 12-month Direct Purchaser Service Warranty.  This does not cover any issues arising from accidents or negligence or misuse. The BVE Series comes with a 6-month warranty against Mechanical Failure and 12-month Direct Purchaser Service Warranty.

Photographs and Audio Samples of BV1-BV5, BV7.3 Models are most accurately taken to represent the Violin Models of this Series.  While BV7.4-BV7.9 and our Supremo Series are Actual Photographs and Audio Files Specially played and taken from the Actual Instruments for sale. For these Series of Violins, our Professional Makers have at least 15 years to 30 years of violin making experience.  The Violins in these Series are all uniquely and artistically created according to the tonewoods purchased and their individual flair for that season. Therefore every violin sold in the Series BV7.4-BV7.9 and the Supremo Series will have no two violins within the same model to be the same, so do not hesitate to click buy when you see something that you like as there will not be one created the same, just like YOU!


Sale BV1 Gloss
$168.00 $159.60
Belcanto Violins 1 Series are our entry level violins. Each piece is lightweight, handcrafted and se
Sale BV1 Matte
$275.00 $254.60
Belcanto Violins 1 Series are our entry level violins. Each piece is lightweight & handcrafted a
Sale BV7.5 3/4 Size
$1,880.00 $1,786.00
This is a well handmade Professional Violin by our workshopA great model with superb sound for it's
Sale BV7.7 3/4 Size
$2,580.00 $2,451.00
This is a 3/4 Model made by our workshopIt features a one piece back of medium grained maple and gol
Sale BV1 Special Edition
$335.00 $318.25
BV1 Special Edition Violins feature a natural maple grained back with deeper grained markings th
Sale BV3 Gloss
$385.00 $349.60
BV3 Series Gloss is an intermediate level instrument that is beautifully finished in a Golden Orange
Sale BV3 Matte
$420.00 $399.00
BV3 Series Matte is beautifully finished in darker brown hue varnish. Similar in wood quality to the
Sale BV3 Matte Limited Edition (Gloss)
$475.00 $451.25
Introducing the BV3 Series Matte, a stunningly crafted violin with a rich, dark brown varnish finish
Sale BV3 Special Edition
$496.00 $471.20
Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of our Special Edition intermediate level violins. Each BV3