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Our Teaching Programmes

Our Teaching Programmes are developed by Founder and Principal of Belcanto Violins, Vivienne who has more than 20 years of experience in nurturing and teaching students the violin to their best of their talents and abilities. Her approach is based on refining the student’s technical abilities and working together with both the student and their parents to achieve learning objectives is key; in particular admissions for DSA and examination grading.


Our fees demonstrate value for money; we use less lessons and less time because our method sets out clear objectives and learning targets for all our students. In response, there is less frustration and an enjoyable learning process to capture the joy of music learning and sharing this joy with others.

Learning Objectives

Working together with our students and their guardians; we provide a prepare our students for their educational journey whether it is for the Direct School Admission (DSA), Examination Grading or for Performances and competitions. We believe in delivering relevant outcomes to build each student’s CV. We have successfully delivered on these requirements. Our students are kept motivated with bi-annual concerts and recordings even amid the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Lifelong Learning

We want all our students to have recording and stage experience and performance opportunities. We encourage and prepare our students for competitions domestic and internationally. We arrange for international learning opportunities and masterclasses. We develop these skill sets throughout the student’s learning cycle with us by inviting students who have ended their learning journey with us to come back to perform in various opportunities that we have.

Average Learning Timelines

Please note that true learning outcomes are based on each individual student’s needs. This is unique to each student’s background & expected learning goals for eg, DSA, competition, examinations. Vivienne’s ultimate goal is for every student to build a CV for themselves through these examinations, competitions and performances. The table illustrates what an average student can expect learning timelines are based on the ABRSM syllabus. Note that some students can be faster or slower depending on their commitment to practice and aptitude to the instrument.

1200px-ABRSM_logo         news_placeholder  WhatsApp Image 2021-07-18 at 11

Age (for example starting at age 3+*) Duration of training in months Grade (if based on ABRSM syllabus)
5 years old 18 Grade 3-4
6+ years old 12 Grade 5-6
7-8 years old 12-18 Grade 7-8
Total Learning Time: Approx 4 Years to achieve Grade 8

* Vivienne takes in Students at any age, although the age 3+ is the youngest student age that she recommends to learn from her.

Learn from us now

It’s been a pleasure & privilege to be able to study the violin with you Teacher Vivienne. Thank you for your patience and passion while teaching me, allowing me to enjoy this learning process…….thanks to you I have learnt & improved faster than I would have under any other teacher.


I begin with the Suzuki method but at Belcanto Violins Music Studios we have our own teaching programme that is catered to each unique individual. Click here for more information about lesson materials and method content I use.

Vivienne Eio, Founder & Principal of Belcanto Violins Music Studio

Vivienne’s teaching programmes achieve outcomes faster, more successfully and develop a lifelong skill set for mastering the violin.


Available Lessons From Us!

Violin Classes

These violins classes are taught by Vivienne or her Associate Teachers at her music studio and are one to one classes. All Teachers have been taught by Principal Vivienne for at least a duration of 2 years before qualifying as a teacher at Belcanto Violin Music Studios. This ensures adequate mentoring and teaching quality at our Studio.

The teaching is Conservatory Style which requires the student commitment to complete term objectives that are set by her and her Associate Teachers. A compulsory Trial Lesson at $100 with Principal Vivienne is needed for all new students wishing to join Belcanto Violin Music Studios. From the Trial lesson she will ascertain the class duration based on the current skill and technical ability of the student. During the Audition and Trial Lesson, she will also be able to recommend the correct teacher for you. Also be prepared to an introduction of the learning process to be taught during this class.  

Please prepare the following for the 30- 45 minute Trial lesson/Audition session:

  1. A Scale and Your best piece (preferably two pieces of contrasting era/mood or one piece and one technical piece/Etude), and
  2. A written list of repertoire (or book series) past and present covered to submit during the session;
  3. Some background of your learning and achievements to date and a sentence on what you hope to get out of the classes.


Fees Guidelines upon Sign Up per Teaching Agreement

  1. Payment will be by Bank/Paynow/PayLah! Transfer, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic Cash & Cheque modes are not advisable.
  2. Fees are collected by term on the first two weeks of every 3 months.
  3. Late payment of fees will incur an extra 15% charge.
  4. Strictly no refund of fees.
  5. There are no make up lessons. If cancellations of class were given at least 7 days notice in advance, a make up could be possible (Cancellation or missed classes within 48 hours of the commencement of the class is deemed a counted lesson.)
  6. No termination of lessons in the month of November, last lesson of that period will have to be end December. There will be a ONE month notice to terminate classes in formal writing. Sudden Termination without ONE month notice will lead to an extra one month of payment of fees.
  7. The 5th week lesson of the month shall be a rest week where there will be no lessons.  However, should the student desire to have 5 weeks of lesson in the month, the fees for that month for all 5 lessons shall be made payable at the beginning of the term so that notice for scheduling can be possible.
  8. For unforeseen medical reasons, last minute cancellations before the commencement of classes will render a make up class.  In such cases, a Medical Certificate must be produced. (During Covid 19 Period, no MC will be needed please rest at home and do a make up or if you are up to it, have an online lesson instead of coming physically for class.)
  9. All Make up Classes should ideally be completed during the same month or month after of which the cancellation of class was made.
  10. Trial Classes will be booked and paid in advance, there will be no cancellations after booking and payment is made. Strictly no refunds will be given for any changes.

All these classes are conducted in person, however due to SHN or if you feel unwell, lessons will be conducted online.” There are strictly no makeups for lessons missed if you are unable to do these online classes where subjected to Government Directives


Principal Vivienne
Duration Monthly Fee
30 Mins $400.00
45 Mins $540.00
60 Mins $680.00
75 Mins $800.00


Senior Associate Teachers
Duration Monthly Fee
30 Mins $280.00
45 Mins $360.00
60 Mins $470.00


Associate Teachers
Duration Monthly Fee
30 Mins $200.00
45 Mins $280.00
60 Mins $360.00



Recorded Performances by our Students from our Own Studio

View Celebrate 2021

A word for Beginners: Please do come at ease if it's your first ever violin class! Vivienne will ensure an enjoyable and educated first ever violin lesson for you that would give you the best foot forward with your violin progress. 

Students from classes with Senior Associate and Associate teachers will have a session with Principal Vivienne once in 3 months (once per term) to review what they have learnt. Core syllabus and curriculum of Belcanto Violins Music Studio will be taught to all students. 

All students of Belcanto Violins Music Studio have a 6 monthly performance which will be compulsory for further experience. This will also contribute to building up a CV as a soloist performer. 

All students of Belcanto Violins Music Studio will be given opportunities to participate in external concerts and competitions as this is encouraged as much as possible for more experience and exposure. 

Grading and Examinations by the ABRSM and Trinity College of Music are offered for all students as a challenge to create a sense of achievement to excel further with their learning.


Online Lessons

Online lessons are available one to one.  These lessons are well established and existed before Covid 19 due to Vivienne's travel schedule between 2010-2015. Lessons have proved effective with students attaining Distinctions for both Theory and Practical Courses.  

There is no need for an audition for online lessons. However, these lessons are booked per lesson hence there may be no weekly fixed timings as it will be subject to Vivienne’s regular schedule. These lessons use Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat or Zoom.

Charges are per 15 min blocks at SGD$60 for the first 15 minutes and SGD$50 for subsequent blocks of 15 mins. Payment will be prepaid before the lesson. The lessons are recommended at a maximum of 45 minutes as that is usually adequate, but it is possible to arrange for a longer session if needed.  

These classes are extremely helpful in quickly arresting problem areas in pieces and helping to troubleshoot if you are stuck with practice of a particular piece or sectionAnd the best part is that you will be able to do this in the comfort of your home without having to travel down for the lesson. Especially useful for Players residing in other countries.


Online Lessons with Principal Vivienne
Duration  Fee
15 Mins $60.00
30 Mins $110.00
45 Mins $160.00

Online Lessons are available worldwide to everyone who is interested. Contact us today. 


Violin Masterclasses

These Masterclasses are for students who may be having their regular lessons from other teachers/places and who are intending to deepen their understanding and improve on specific/certain repertoire. Fees are advised upon enquiry.


Principal Vivienne
Duration Fees per Session
30 Mins $120.00- $170.00
45 Mins $180.00- $250.00
60 Mins $200.00- $300.00

Ensemble Or Group Training

These are for two or more students, appropriate for Orchestras, String Ensemble, String Ensemble CCAs to engage Vivienne as a consultant and teacher to improve your overall cohesion, tone and interpretation. Just a few sessions have proved very effective to improve your Ensemble for SYF purposes to attain a higher Gold or Silver Award for your next Group Performance, longer engagement periods will also be considered. In these classes, you will expect the students to achieve better overall tone and intonation through improvements on bowings, fingerings and better understanding of phrase structures. 

Technical practise will definitely be taught in these classes for students to achieve an overall better performance of the pieces assigned.  This would benefit when facing future repertoire as they are then armed with better technical ability.

Per hour charges are $250, Min engagement at 2 hours per session.


Principal Vivienne
Duration Fees
60 Mins $250.00

Prize Winners & Competition

Participating in Competitions is a great way to make new friends and gain new experiences. It is not always about winning but what we learn from the whole experience that matters.