At Belcanto Violins, we have a violin for any level of learning or professional needs you have. As all violins are unique and made of natural wood, you would expect some differences to the catalogue of violins photographed. But be rest assured that the quality of every violin within the different ranges are quality checked for perfection. And would play and sing with the Belcanto tone.  As we are currently only an online store, for violins we can only take instrument orders, for bows you can come and try out the models at our studio. Do click here for more information. 

Violin Model Range

BV1001  price $150  $120 beginner student model


BV2001  price $240 $144 student model

BV3001 price $360  $216 intermediate model


BV5001 price $580 $348 intermediate advance model


BV6001 price $695 $417 advance model 1

BV8001 price $880 $528 advance model 2

Professional Range

BV3000 price $1280 $768


BV5000 price $1880 $1128

BV7000 price $2580 $1580


BV8000 price $3280 $1968

BV9000 price $3980 $2388