Violinist Vivienne Eio

Music Background


Vivienne learnt the piano at 3 years old. And as for the violin, in two short years of classes, obtained a Distinction at the grade 8 ABRSM examinations where she was offered a scholarship on the spot to study the violin at the University of Manchester but declined.  In the Following year, she obtained a further Advance Certificate in performance, and an LRSM in violin Performance shortly after.

Performing the violin is a love of hers and played in the Leicester Symphony Orchestra, Leicester University Orchestra and chamber ensembles and many other solo performances.  On one Occasion even had a chance to play for the former Singapore President, the late SR Nathan.

Being from an Asian background, she strived to do a profession that would be pleasing to her parents. She accepted a scholarship to read law in England and during that time was also studying the violin under Philip Gallaway of Warwick University (Coull Quartet).  After being called to the Bar in Singapore, practicing as a Lawyer had its long hours and it was a difficult struggle to keep up with violin teaching and practise.  And so it was after quitting legal practice in 2006, that she decided that music was what she really loves and has a passion for.

In the past 20 years of teaching, she has developed a methodology for teaching that has seen through countless of students playing for concerts, examinations and competitions across Singapore, United Kingdom and Beijing.

In 2010, she was accepted to study the violin with the Dean of Faculty and Secretary General of the Central Conservatory in Beijing (Notable alumni are Ning Feng, Lang Lang and Yuja Wang) Professor Zhao Weijian (赵惟俭).  Professor Zhao who was handpicked by the Chinese Communist Goverment, studied in Romania in the 1950s and graduated from National University of Music Bucharest and from then himself, developed a Violin Method in a Class of his own.  All music syllabus for any musical instrument that is examined in the People’s Republic of China is vetted by him so he has vast music knowledge and is an author 70 over music books.  Under his mentoring, she has learnt a tremendous amount on not only playing the violin but to teach and set a syllabus for it effectively as well.

After completing her exam preparations for the FRSM violin performance certificate by the ABRSM with Professor Zhao, she has taken up a project on co-authoring a comprehensive manual for learning the Violin entitled “All About the Violin Volumes 1 & 2” which encapsulates her methodology of teaching and learning the violin efficiently and effectively in the least amount of time spent.

She will be starting a series of free online Violin Tutorials here and on YouTube based on her methodology and books, the first series will be on the Suzuki Violin School Method Book 1.

training with Professor Zhao Weijian in Beijing China, Photography by Madoka Ikegami 2015