BV3 Series

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BV3 Series

BV3 Series

All Violins are Set Up by Vivienne and her Team in Singapore, they are tuned and ready to play.  All bows are rosined. Please CHECK SIZING before purchase, you may PURCHASE A STUDIO TICKET  to come down and try our violins with an Appointment. The Ticket Cost can be deducted from all purchases $500 above.

A Fine Tuner Tailpiece is installed on BV1 Series, All Four Fine Tuners are installed in BV3 and BV5 Series

All Violins come with a 12-month Direct Purchaser Service Warranty.  This does not cover any issues arising from accidents or negligence or misuse.

Please CONTACT US for Bulk Purchases if you are a music school or music supplier. 

BV3 Gloss Limited Edition 1/2
This Violin is a very good example of our Model BV3 Gloss.For this piece, we have instead used a ver
BV3 Matte Limited Edition (Gloss) 4/4
This Violin is a Limited Edition piece from our Workshop CollectionIt features the same team of make
Sale BV3 Gloss
$360.00 $252.00
BV3 Series Gloss is an intermediate level instrument that is beautifully finished in a Golden Orange
Sale BV3 Matte
$390.00 $273.00
BV3 Series Matte is beautifully finished in darker brown hue varnish. Similar in wood quality to the
Sale BV3 Special Edition
$480.00 $336.00
These Special Edition intermediate level violins are handcrafted from selected Maple Tonewoods that