Violin Series

Welcome to our online Catalogue, we have for you audio clip samples of the violins for your selection. You may also click on the photos to enlarge for a better view. Due to the natural wood, varnish and lighting conditions, some color perceptions may differ. Be rest assured that we personally check every piece for quality and perfection before sending out to our customers.

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All four fine tuners are available for all our models complimentary. Let us know to install them in your order instrument under “comments”.

Bulk orders:

Do contact us to find out more if you are interested in purchasing our instruments in bulk available worldwide.

BV1 Series

These are our entry level violins which are handcrafted and at an affordable price but with maximum sound.

GLOSS $150 $90-$125

All BV1 Series come with a Triangular Featherlight Cases, BB1 Series Bow and a Fuss Free Rosin.

Price List for BV1 Series Gloss

  • 1/16 $90
  • 1/10 $95
  • 1/8 $105*
  • 1/4 $110
  • 1/2 $115
  • 3/4 $120
  • 4/4 $125

*FOC flat shoulder rest BVA002 for BV1 Gloss and Matte Series Model 1/8 Size and above as the current promotion.

MATTE $250 $130-160

Price List for BV1 Series Matte

  • 1/8 $145
  • 1/4 $155
  • 1/2 & 3/4 $165
  • 4/4 $175

The Matte Series has a smoother tone and finish than the Gloss

SPECIAL ED $300 $170

Special Edition is only available in 3/4 Size at $170 two piece back and $190 one piece back. This Model will always have Natural Maple markings which have enhanced tone colors for a BV1 Series Violin. Strings are upgraded to Belcanto Premium Strings (+the original workshop string set will be included) and Shoulder Rest BVA002.

BV3 Series

These are intermediate level violins which are well handcrafted with selected Maple Tonewoods ebony / mother of pearl in lay fittings.

GLOSS $360 $216

All BV3 Series come with Featherlight Oblong Cases and Cloth Covers. A BB3 Series Bow, Belcanto Premium Strings and Large Piece Rosin.

MATTE $390 $234

BV3 Series Gloss is beautifully finished in a Golden Orange Varnish, while the Matte Series would have a darker brown hue with a more mellow sound.


Special Edition are available in Store or at our Workshop in all sizes. Strings are Upgraded to Austrian or German Made ones. This model will always be made with carefully aged wood of 10 years at least in a one piece maple back. Oblong Case is similar style but has an inbuilt Hygrometer to gauge humidity.

BV5 Series

These are advanced level violins with are very well handcrafted with specially selected Maple tonewoods with ebony or walnut / mother of pearl inlay fittings.

GLOSS $580 $348

All BV5 Series come with Featherlight Oblong Cases and Cloth Covers. A BB3 Series Bow, Pirastro Tonica or Thomastik Dominant Strings and Large Piece Rosin.

MATTE $760 $456

BV5 Series Gloss would have obvious tiger back markings in orange, brown or golden varnish to produce the warmest tones. The Matte Series has slightly more superior Tonewoods to provide a deeper resonance.


Special Edition are available in Store or at our workshop in all sizes. The bow is upgraded to the Professional BB5 Series Pernambuco Wood Bow and a Professional Case with Hygrometer. You would expect the quality and sound to be close to our Professional Series Model.

BV7 Series Belcanto Professional Range

These Professional BV7 Series are masterpieces by our experienced makers so we do not replicate the same look. Every violin within the same Model No. is made with similar quality of wood and maker. Photos, descriptions and audios are updated to capture the actual pieces. So buy with confidence. Enquire for other sizes available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8.

BV7.3 $1280 $768 (4/4)

This Violin has vibrant tone colors, resonant and easy playability. Maker has 15 years of experience in violin making. Maple is fine grained and even with the use of brown and orange varnish. A beautiful piece.

Strings: Thomastik Dominant Strings

BV7.4 $1,680 $1,008 (4/4)

Birds Eye maple wood from scroll, neck, back, ribs and spruce. Quieter violin but well balanced and satisfying to play. Own something unique! Maker has at least 15 years of violin making

Strings: Pirastro Flexocor

BV7.5 $1,880 $1,128 (4/4)

Beautiful fine even maple grained back violin. Features good projection and brilliant tone colors. Maker has at least 15 years in violin making

Strings: Thomastik Vision Solo

BV7.5 $1,880 $1,128 (1/4)

Beautiful even medium maple grained back violin. Though a small size at only 1/4, portrays a wide spectrum of tone colors. Good control and easy playability. Resonance is balanced and sweet. Maker has at least 15 years in violin making

Strings: Thomastik Vision Solo

BV7.7 $2,580 $1,548 (4/4)

Beautiful medium to fine wood grain in a rare one piece back. Sound is brilliant and sweet but projects well. Good control on dynamics and wide range of tone colors. Maker has at least 20 years in violin making

Strings: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi

BV7.8 $3,280 $1,968 (4/4)

Beautifully finished, well selected European medium even grained maple tonewoods. Sound quality is robust and projection is good. A dynamic but mellow violin. Maker has had at least 25 years in violin making

Strings: Pirastro Wondertone

BV7.9 $3,980 $2,388 (4/4)

Antique finished, carefully selected European medium grained maple tonewoods. Sound has a good balance and great projection. Mellow but resonant violin. Maker has had 30 over years in violin making.

Strings: Pirastro Violino

What Package Does our Professional 7 Series Come with?

  • Case: Professional Deluxe Model*
  • Bow: BB5 Series Hexagon
  • Strings: Pirastro/Thomastik Infeld (Premium Sets) – See individual Models for specifications

*Please note that interior colors of cases can defer from photographs

Watch our Belcanto Professional Range 7.8 Series Violins

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