Violin Recitals


This is a compulsory Bi- Annual Recital by all our students at Belcanto Violins Music Studios . Some have only been with us for about a month before recording their Recitals. These videos are not for any comparison purposes but as a learning project for us.

Cheryl, 10

Playing on a 3/4 Size BV5 Series Special Edition Violin Duration of Learning: 4 years Started at BVMS Since: 2017

Cheryl started violin when she was 7 with Vivienne, last February she did well in her Grade 5 ABRSM Examinations, and this year we are preparing for the Grade 7 ABRSM Performance Grade Exams. As one of the earliest students, she has participated in all of Belcanto Violins Music Studios concerts both internally and externally. She has moved steadily through both technique and repertoire and has developed a deep understanding of playing and learning the violin. We hope in the future, she can also teach the instrument to others! She will also be performing a Mozart Sonata in our coming Mozart concert sponsored by Yamaha/Bosendorfer. In this recital she plays Seitz, Friedrich Student Concerto No.4, Op.15 will be her fourth piece that she will be playing for the Grade 7 Examination, still very much a work in progress however that is what these videos are for as a reflection for our improvement!

Other Favorite Things/Activities: sports, swimming badminton and cycling, loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up


Plays a 4/4 Size Violin Total Duration of Learning: About 3 years Started at BVMS Since: 2018

Tahera started as an almost beginner with Vivienne. She is a Banker by profession and has taken up to play the violin as her hobby. As a student despite having a very busy day job, she is very focused and committed in grasping the correct concepts of playing the violin and often memorizes even her Etudes for class. In the last concert In August 2020, she played Oskar Rieding’s 1st and 2nd Movement and in this concert, she will be playing the 3rd Movement to complete the concerto. She has understood all of the first position and we have also moved on in studying the second position.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Loves her two pugs, travelling and reading.

Tyler, 11

Plays a 4/4 Size BV7.7 Violin Total Duration of Learning: about 2 years Started at BVMS Since: April 2021

Tyler is a new student with Vivienne, he has a great interest in learning the violin and is determined to achieving better technique on the violin. We have decided to record this piece Minuet by Bach in A major as a memory of the first song he has played at Belcanto Violins Music Studio. We hope to hear more performances from Tyler in the coming months.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Sports like Rugby, Badminton and Taewando


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