Violin Recitals


This is a compulsory Bi- Annual Recital by all our students at Belcanto Violin Music Studios . Some have only been with us for about a month before recording their Recitals. These videos are not for any comparison purposes but as a learning project for us.


Playing on 4/4 Violin Duration of Learning: more than 10 years Started at BVMS Since: February 2021

Lifei is a fairly new student with Vivienne, she studied psychology and counseling. Worked in the field for some time before switching to work as a HR practitioner. She started her violin learning journey as a teenager and stopped for a while before recently picking it up again. She is working towards further improving her technical skill and interpretation on the violin with more repertoire and if given the opportunity to try for a diploma level examination. In this concert she participates with the popular Salut d’amour (Love’s Greeting) by the English Composer Sir Edward Elgar.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: watercolor painting, watching Korean shows and YouTube videos, yoga, nature walks and loves travel.

Thaddeus, 8

Plays a BV5 Series Matte 1/2 Size Violin Total Duration of Learning: About Started at BVMS Since: April 2021

Thaddeus has only had a couple of lessons with Vivienne, we are working on a long piece with the Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto and thought it would be a good memory to have to capture one of the earliest points of his learning with Vivienne. As a student, he is very focused and hardworking to understand and achieve any goal that is set for him. We will be looking to complete a grade 3 ABRSM examination as the next goal and look forward to seeing him participate in more performances.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Sports, gardening, outdoor adventures

Audrey, 7

Plays a 1/4 BV1 Series Gloss Violin Total Duration of Learning: 2 over years Started at BVMS Since: 2019

Audrey has moved through Suzuki Volume 1 pieces and is nearing the end of the book with the various Minuets. In this concert, she presents two Minuets by Bach. She has been every determined to get her performance right and put in a lot of effort for it. During circuit breaker, she carried on with online classes and was able to tune the violin each week moving the pegs! She is an International School Student and we hope she has the opportunity to present some of her songs to her classmates at school.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Draw, Dress up and make believe


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