Violin Recitals


This is a compulsory Bi- Annual Recital by all our students at Belcanto Violins Music Studios . Some have only been with us for about a month before recording their Recitals. These videos are not for any comparison purposes but as a learning project for us.

Hannah, 5

Playing on a 1/8 Size BV3 Series Matte Duration of Learning: 2 years Started at BVMS Since: January 2019

Hannah is a bubbly and spritely 5 year old who loves music. She picks up tunes very quickly and started the violin when she was three. In the last concert, Hannah played the last 5 songs of Suzuki Vol 1. As a goal this concert, she has been improving on her concentration to play a much longer piece. This Concerto that she showcases here is a concertino so it is a complete work in just one movement, however there is a short cadenza section where she plays a series of runs as a soloist. It is truly a joy to teach her as she is always very cheerful and says the cutest things during class due to her very vivid imagination.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Disney Princesses, Being grown up, and My Little Pony

Laura, 11

Plays a 4/4 BV7.8 Violin Total Duration of Learning: About 6 years Started at BVMS Since: March 2019

This is Laura’s fourth concert. She started learning the violin about 2 years ago with Vivienne at a Grade 4 standard. She has improved on her confidence and technique in the violin and now learns new pieces at a much quicker rate. Laura has just completed her Grade 6 ABRSM Exam in January where she did well. Her interpretation of violin music is very tasteful and it is definitely a joy to hear her play. In this concert she plays the lively 3rd Movement from Seitz, Friedrich Student Concerto No.4, Op.15 and contrasted with the soulful Mediation from Thais.  We look forward to a widened repertoire for Laura and also more achievements in the near future. She actively participates in orchestras that she has joined such as her school CCA and Kid’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Keeps herself fit by cycling, swimming and participating in Spartan races, likes reading and slime making

Frances, 13

Plays a 4/4 BV 7.5 Violin Total Duration of Learning: 2 years Started at BVMS Since: January 2019

Frances has been working in the past concert and this on shifting, playing in the second positions, a more focused tonal projection and some basic vibrato. She really enjoys playing Vivaldi pieces and in this concert, she has played along with a backing track of a full orchestration of Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in A minor. She started the violin two years ago with Vivienne, despite that being her PSLE year, she managed to get into the Secondary School of her choice as well and moved steadily well prepared for every violin lesson. As a very conscientious student, she will be able to reach the goals set for her each time. We look forward to more repertoire as she moves the next term into a more advanced student.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Reading and Drawing Anime Manga, Swimming and Badminton, loves animals especially the Corgi Dog.


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