Violin Recitals


This is a compulsory Bi- Annual Recital by all our students at Belcanto Violins Music Studios . Some have only been with us for about a month before recording their Recitals. These videos are not for any comparison purposes but as a learning project for us.

Tiffany, 11

Plays a 3/4 Size BV5SE Violin Duration of Learning: about 5 years Started at BVMS Since: April 2019

For this concert, Tiffany plays the whole four movements of Handel’s Sonata No. 3 in F Major, exploring some Baroque genre of classical music as a contrasts with the Seitz Student Violin concertos that she had performed in the previous concert. The work consist of a slow-fast-slow-fast arrangement through the movements. The fast movements are exciting and dance like. Tiffany started with Vivienne about a Grade 4 standard, since then Tiffany has shown considerable improvement in technique and position and note recognition as she had prepared almost the whole piece by her own as a project especially utilizing the 2nd and 4th positions. We will work towards a Grade 8 ABRSM now as she prepares for her PSLE this year.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Dance, Chinese Dance, reading fantasy novels, bakes with her mom in her free time and would like to be an architect when she grows up.

Jacie, 8

Plays a 1/2 Size BV3 Series Matte Violin Total Duration of Learning: 4 years Started at BVMS Since: September 2019

Jacie loves playing the violin. She is always enthusiastic in trying to get something right in class and understand what’s right and wrong. This concert, we set a goal to play a slightly longer piece than what she is used to with Martini’s Gavotte from Suzuki Volume 3. As a Primary school student, she is in the strings CCA of her school.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Making Slime, Musicals, playing board games, Ballet and Swimming

Hooi Ngoh

Plays a 4/4 Belcanto Violins Supremo Series, BV Archetier Series Bow. Total Duration of Learning: More than 10 years Started at BVMS Since: October 2019

Hooi Ngoh spent the term learning focusing on violin technique and is putting into practice some of what she has learnt with the piece Aires Varies No. 1 by Charles Dancla. Despite her busy work schedule being a mother of two young children as well, she is prepared and well practiced each week for the classes. Our aim is to finish up the Grade 8 examinations in the coming months as she has been setting this as her goal for some time. Vivienne is determined to help to her to achieve this.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Enjoys nature, finds sunny days ideal for practising her violin and is a vegetarian.


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