Violin Recitals


This is a compulsory Bi- Annual Recital by all our students at Belcanto Violins Music Studios . Some have only been with us for about a month before recording their Recitals. These videos are not for any comparison purposes but as a learning project for us.

Jade, 16

Playing on a 4/4 Size Belcanto Supremo Series Violin Duration of Learning: more than 10 years Started at BVMS Since: September 2019

After working for a year in improving her technical form with Vivienne, Jade completed her Grade 8 ABRSM Examinations in January. This concert is the first for her to try out other repertoire apart from usual examination pieces. Beriot Violin Concerto No. 9 is a very full piece as it showcases so many emerging themes and technical flair in a short 5 minute span, she thoroughly enjoyed preparing this piece for performance this time round. Despite her very busy schedule as a Junior College Student and a National Athlete. She perseveres to always put her best foot forward at violin class or any learning goal that is set for her.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Track and Field, High Jump (C division record holder)

Adora, 9

Plays a 1/2 Size Violin Total Duration of Learning: About 3 years Started at BVMS Since: April 2020

This is Adora’s second concert and was very excited to perform and record her pieces, Seitz’s Student’s Violin Concerto No. 5, 3rd movement. She also prepared the encore short piece in this performance 凤阳花鼓 in 2 weeks to perform. As a student she is always enthusiastic about learning and tries to thoroughly understand what is being taught to her. She is furthering her foundational technic and will evaluate an examination learning goal for her after the next concert in 6 months.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Keeps active through ballet, swimming and tennis. She loves her cats Muffin and Garfield

Ted, 5

Plays a 1/8 BV3 Series Matte Violin Total Duration of Learning: 2 years Started at BVMS Since: January 2019

Ted started the violin with Vivienne at 40 months old, he has since mastered the notes of the first position and we are moving on to playing in the second position and some basic double stops. As a goal this time, we have him play for the performance all three movements of the Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto in B Minor. He is a very serious player even from the young age at 3 years old and also very conscientious with his preparation for the class. As a very young student, he managed to have his lessons through an online medium and continued to improve over the weeks. Very excited to see how Ted would blossom over the years with his passion on the violin.

Other Favorite Things/Activities: Playing with Toy cars, at the playground, swimming.


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