E Series & 6 Series Professional Violas

Belcanto E Series Silent Electric Violin

Package includes:

  1. Violin Model: Black or White E Series Violin with four fine tuner tail piece
  2. Case: Triangular Feather Weight
  3. Bow: BB 3 Series Brazil Wood
  4. Fuss Free Rosin BVA011
  5. Black Shoulder Rest BVA001
  6. Battery
  7. Jack for Amplifier use
  8. Earphones
  9. Extra Set of Replacement Strings

Price: $428 $292

6 Series Violas

Our Professional Violas are made of specially selected tonewoods with wide maple spruce. Made by our Luthier with a passion for violas with decades of experience in instrument making, you can expect a smooth smooth and sonorous voice with exceeded depth for expression..

We have 3 standard sizes, 15, 15.5 and 16 inches.

All instruments are fitted with Pirastro or Thomastik Infeld strings complimentary. The violas come with a pernambuco Bow, deluxe lightweight case and Rosin

Do enquire for other sizes which can be custom made for similar prices.

15 inches Fitted with Evah Pirazzi Strings $1,550 $1,085
15.5 inches Fitted with Thomastik Belcanto Strings $1,880 $1,316
16 inches fitted with Pirastro Viola Strings $2,220 $1,554

Belcanto 6 Series Viola Bow

Price: $250 $175, easy playability, well weighted and expressive. Helps to produce an excellent tone to bring the best out of your viola. For all levels of playing up to professional use.

BV 6 Series Belcanto Viola Bow

Belcanto Cello Bow

Price: $58 $40.60, well weighted and balanced, durable Cello Bow.

BBCE Cello Bow Model