Connections to get into China’s Central Conservatory of Music

I recently came across this article and it does hit close to my heart.  As Beijing is the China’s cultural Centre, it is most sought after to get a placement in the Central Consevatory of Music. That is the number one place that every Chinese musician aspires to be. And there are so many people in China so, so many musicians. 

I was really fortunate to have connections to get to learn from the Chief Examiner but also not without an audition and more to show than just being good at the violin. 

Preserving a placement as his student also took not just perseverance but resilience and a no quitting attitude. I remember practising 10hours a day for a month only to be shot down and sent home for “playing” the violin and not “practising” the violin.  I quickly learnt that my toughest audience was my Professor so any feeling of stage fright during concerts dissipate and I not just got better and more skillful with the violin but also more confident with my instrument. 

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