Belcanto Violins

“Bel Canto” is Italian for “beautiful singing”. As Violins are the voice of Violinists, Belcanto Violins by Vivienne Eio aims to bring out the beauty and unique sound of every violinist. Using responsibly sourced European and Domestic Tonewoods, we follow closely to the Italian tradition where violins were first made. You have the assurance of quality and value with your purchase.

Our 7 Series Professional Range

If you have the budget for our Professional Series range you would find that no two Violins even within the same model, would look identical to one another as we take pride that every violin is a unique masterpiece and cannot be replicated exactly. We are confident if up kept well, would retain its value over time as it matures with you. These Violins are priced between $1280 to $3980.

Belcanto Supremo Series & Antique Instruments

The Belcanto Supremo Series are instruments of solo quality and are individually priced at $4,000 and above. This exquisite range of Violins and bows are made by our most master luthiers of more than 30 years of experience by the best aged European imported tonewoods.

Our Antique Instruments come with certification and warranties by our European Luthiers. So buy them with confidence.

Each Antique instrument and Belcanto Supremo Series strives to provide a long lasting and fulfilled partnership with its owner and for generations to come.

Belcanto E Series &

6 Series Violas

Belcanto Silent Electric Violins E series come with a 6 month warranty and are versatile and can be used for all levels of playing.

6 Series Professional Violas are made of specially selected tonewoods with wide maple spruce. Creating sonorous voices with exceeded depth for expression yet smooth playability. Made by our Viola Luthier with a passion for violas and decades of experience in string instrument making. These instruments are available from 15 inches onwards.

Bows, Cases and Accessories

Belcanto Violins Bows are made from Brazil wood or strong pernambuco to create beautiful tone colors to bring out the best of any violin. Never underestimate the importance of owning a good bow just like a painter who needs a good brush to create something beautiful. 

We have also a small but reliable range of accessories for your use to suit every need of your Musical Learning Journey.

Our Brand Story

“It was difficult to source good quality and affordable Violins in Asia for myself and my students. Establishing the Belcanto Violins Workshop with my own input as a Professional Musician and our own very driven, passionate and creative Makers who constantly strive for excellence, it has given me a way to contribute to the musical environment, making a difference to enable string musicians to find their voice and good partner to work with during their many hours or practise and performance”

– Vivienne Eio (Owner and Founder of Belcanto Violins)

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