Selling on Consignment with Belcanto Violins

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Selling on Consignment with Belcanto Violins


As a leading Professional in the industry of Sale of String Instruments on our Online Platform, Belcanto Violins are able to help to undertake selling your instruments on consignment.

All instruments or bows will be evaluated for suitability under consignment with us. During our evaluation process we will need certifications or receipts that you may have or any other information that is pertaining to the instrument especially repair histories.

Even though we would love to help to sell every instrument on our platform, we are unable to if the instrument does not meet certain requirements that we have. We may be able to recommend in some instances some upkeep or repairs that can be done to render the instrument in a sellable

As such, all instruments will have to be checked onsite at our physical location before agreement to take the instrument in on consignment. We will then complete this form onsite when both are in agreement of the price (hereinafter referred to “Agreed Price”) and status of the instrument
(some preliminary photography will be taken onsite on the day of submission of this document).

An upfront fee payment of $88 for web presentation inclusive of photography and audio recording and an additional $27.50 for administration charges need to be paid on submission of this document. After which, only upon successful sale of your instrument, will we take an additional 30% of the Agreed Price as Consignment. The Consignment Listing will last on our website for at least two years after which, we reserve the right to take down your Consignment for any reason.

Upon a successful sale, we have no other hidden fees besides the fees or costs cited above. And pay you within 30 days after charging the 30% off the sale price as consignment charges.

At the day of this submission of this form, we will keep your violin for photography, as soon as the Professional photography has been done and your item is listed, we will contact you to collect your instrument. It will need to be upkept by you and must be presented on the day of sale in the same condition as the photography.

Failing which, upon inspection if it is not in the same good condition as the day of photography, we will either make you undertake your own charges and costs to repair and restore your instrument to make it a sellable condition, or we can also exhaust the sale by providing a refund to the buyer. Please note in this case where we have refunded the buyer, the web presentation and administrative charges cannot be refunded. No consignment fees will be taken as well in such a situation.

Hence, it is advisable to keep your instrument responsibly:

1. In optimal humidity conditions such as leaving enough desiccants in the case
2. Polishing the wood from time to time
3. Leaving it in its case when not in use
4. Replacing any string which is no longer usable.

Lastly, as this is a sale on consignment and we are merely offering our platform to advertise to sell your instrument, Belcanto Violins is not responsible for any after sale issues and we have the right to disclose your name and contact number to buyer to resolve. In any case, once a successful sale on the Agreed Price has been made, we are not able to offer any refunds on our consignment charges and fees.

At a Glance, In Summary:

  • Charges and Listing Fees for Consignment: $88+$27 =$115.50 (Non-Refundable)
  • Listing Duration: At least 2 years
  • Consignment Fee: 30% of Agreed Sale Price


Q: Am I responsible for this sale and aftersales?

A: Yes, all responsibility of upkeep is yours and aftersales. We are providing you a channel of sale on our online platform.

Q: Will I be keeping my instrument with me till the day of sale?

A: Yes, upkeep is yours it has to be in the same condition as it was when it was Professionally photographed by us. On some occasion if the buyer is interested to try out the instrument, we will contact you to see if it is possible to arrange a try out at our physical store location.

Q: How can I have a better chance of selling my instrument?

A: At Belcanto Violins we have a high volume of Customers looking to buy violins and browsing our website from all over the world, hence your instrument will also stand a fair chance of being noticed and bought, make sure that you have relevant documents or any info that we can have of your instrument, if you are able to play a full or short excerpt on your instrument and host it on YouTube for example, it would be helpful for customers. Such instruments usually generate more views and have a greater chance of a quicker sale. So do provide us the hyperlink of your video if you have one.