Piano Accompaniment


Vivienne is a classically trained pianist. She had started her accompaniment journey with the SCGS school choir in Secondary School attaining many gold awards for SYF and also for various musicals. She continued using this valuable experience during 20 over years of teaching with her students. It is convenient to have Vivienne to accompany for students taking the Grade 1-8 examinations. But please note that for some students taking the Grade 5 examinations and above, it may be more efficient and beneficial that an external accompanist is hired.

Using Vivienne as the accompanist for your exams are are not compulsory and you are able to also engage other pianists for the exam purposes. But do note that they will need to attend at least 4- 8 lessons with Vivienne (not including the actual examination appointment) to facilitate a good outcome for the examination.

Wishing You All the best for your Exams!

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