Trial Class & Fees



$240 per month and up, Beginner Child (Half Hour to 45mins)
Do enquire for other grades or diploma levels. Grading will be assessed during the trial class.

Diploma Fees start at $800 and above per month (One hour to One and a Half Hours)


*First Time Trial Class (Recommended) is $50 for 45minutes regardless of grading.

For trial lessons, please prepare

1. Your best piece, and

2. A written list of repertoire (or book series) past and present covered to submit during the class.

In this class you would expect to learn an introduction to her method as she will tailor a learning programme uniquely to your level of playing.

UPDATE: due to space limitation, trial classes from 2018 are compulsory for new students as these will act as an audition, please prepare a piece of your choice and liking and list your repertoire so far covered during this class.


for ages 3 & 4 – covers 3 subjects: Piano, Violin and Music Theory

And these lessons are Half Hour at $240 a month

They aim to provide an introduction to specializing or continuing in both or one of the instruments. In these classes, the child will learn rudiments of basic theory: about beating time, rhythmic patterns & note reading and writing, the correct posture to play the violin and piano.  

During each class they will learn interesting facts and historical details about musical instruments . 

At the end of the course (when they are ready to move on to specialized violin or piano lessons), they should be able to play basic pieces on the Piano and Violin.  These lessons will equip the child with a solid foundation to start specialized violin or piano classes.  The classes will most certainly heighten their curiosity in learning and nurture their passion for music. 

Trial Lessons for these classes are at $60, instruments Violin/Piano and other instruments used will be provided for the class.  Optional to purchase instruments for practice or home use.


For specialized students intending to deepen their understanding and improve on specific/certain repertoire.

Class fees vary at $100-$150 for a one hour session and $175-$250 for a two hour session.  Payable at every lesson booked.

Please prebook these classes at OR contact +65 86942694 to check Vivienne’s availability and exact quote on fees.


**for schools in Singapore engaging Vivienne for contract work, she is an AMIS registered MOE educator.

In these classes you will expect the students to achieve better overall tone and intonation through improvements on bowings, fingerings and better understanding of phrase structures. 

Technique practise will definitely be taught in these classes where students can achieve an overall better performance of the pieces assigned.  This would benefit when facing future repertoire as they are then armed with better technical ability.

Per hour charges are $150, Min engagement at 2 hours per session.

Please prebook these classes at OR contact +65 86942694 to check Vivienne’s availability. Lessons types 1-3. are strictly conducted at  her music studio at One Tree Hill. 
**Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays**

Payment & Fees Guidelines for Lesson Type 1. & 2.

  1. Payment will be by cash or cheque.
  2. Fees are collected monthly on the first week of the month.
  3. Late payment of fees (for more than 3 successive lessons) will incur a 25% extra charge for the next month.
  4. Strictly no refund of fees.
  5. Make up lessons permissible if cancellations of class was given at least 7 days notice in advance.
  6. There will be a ONE month notice to terminate classes in formal writing (Only email or letter, no text messages or WhatsApp etc).  Sudden termination of classes without ONE month notice will lead to an extra one month of payment of fees.
  7. The 5th week lesson of the month shall be a rest week where there will be no lessons.  However, should the student desire to have 5 weeks of lesson in the month, the fees for that month for all 5 lessons shall be made payable at the beginning of the month.
  8. For unforeseen medical reasons, last minute cancellations will render a make up class. In such cases, a Medical Certificate must be produced. 
  9. All Make up Classes should ideally be completed during the same month or month after of which the cancellation of class was made.
  10. For trial classes, they should be booked in advance, there will be no cancellations after booking and payment is made. Strictly no refunds will be given.