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Prize Winners & Competition

Participating in Competitions is a great way to make new friends and gain new experiences. It is not always about winning but what we learn from the whole experience that matters.


Golden Classical Music Awards 2022 (Carnegie Hall, New York) 

Hayley 8, 1st Prize Winner of Solo Category (Beriot No. 9 Violin Concerto) 

2022 SMTA 5th Le Petit Performers' Festival

Maybis, 6

Hannah, 6

Ted, 6

Aloise, 7

Jiaying, 7

Mynn, 8

Thaddeus, 8

Richard, 9

Jacie, 9

Adora, 9

Jovan, 9

Mele, 9 



2021 SMTA 4th Le Petit Performers' Fesitval 

Maybis, 5

Aloise, 6

Laura, 12

Ella, 10

Frances, 14

Jade, 17

Dareen Piano

Laura Piano

2021 Happy Music Festival

Hayley 7, Violin Classical Junior Category

First Prize



Golden Classical Music Awards 2020 (Carnegie Hall, New York)

Freya 8 and Beth 12, 3rd Place Winners of Duo Category

Beth 12, 3rd Place Winner of Solo Category (Zigeunerweisen)

2019 Singapore Raffles Music Festival

Freya 7, Junior A Category



2019 Golden Classical Music Awards (Carnegie Hall, New York)

Freya 7, Solo Category 3rd Place Winner  

3rd Oskar Rieding Violin Competition (Slovenia)

Freya 7, Gold Award (1st Category)

Beth 11, Gold Award (2nd Category)


1st Oskar Rieding Violin Competition (Slovenia)

Manaka 8, Silver Award (1st Category)

Rising Stars Grandprix (Berlin)

Freya 7, Honorable Mention




Singapore Performers’ Festival 

Haley 6

Allysha, 6

Freya 7

Huan Hsuan 6

Cheryl 7



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