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At Belcanto Violins we have a bow for your every need. From our starter model at the BB 1 Series to Professional Level BB 5 & 7 Series. You can expect affordability yet quality and maximum sound to partner with your violin.

To ensure durability and tone quality, we source the strongest Brazil and Pernambuco woods. We have also specially designed for weight and balance control, the carbon fibre models for your choosing in our 7 Series range and for lovers of Baroque music, we carry a special Snakewood Baroque Bow.

For serious players, we customize Archetier Series Bows. These Bows are well weighted and are made by the strongest and most carefully selected Pernambuco Woods.  Please Note All Audio Clips have been played using the same Italian Violin to achieve a consistent choice helpful for your selection.

Sale Architier Series A5500 – Silver Mounted, Round Stick with Mongolian Horsetail 4/4 Size
$1,050.00 $525.00
Our Archetier Series is the best of our luthiers efforts. Made from the best selected strong woods
Sale BB1 Bow
$22.50 $20.25
Round Stick, Easy playability, balanced and durable, thicker and stronger than other similar priced
Sale BB3 Bow
$100.00 $80.00
Octagonal Stick* Silver Mounted with Parisian Eye made with high quality Brazilwood  Easy play
Sale BB5 Series Octagonal
$580.00 $290.00
Well-weighted Pernambuco stick, excellent control to bring out sweet and sonorous tone colours.Able
Sale BB5 Series Extend
$630.00 $315.00
Strong Pernambuco Octagonal Stick with an extended screw for larger hands. Responsive and veryexpres
Sale BB5 Series Round
$730.00 $365.00
Well-weighted Pernambuco stick, in a round style. It offers excellent control to bring out sweet and
Sale BB7 Hybrid
$780.00 $390.00
Carbon Fibre Bow with stylized Bullshorn Frog. This model possesses some qualities of the woodencoun
Sale BB7 Baroque
$810.00 $405.00
This beautiful bow is made from very durable Snakewood and finished in a Baroque Style.  It is we
Sale BB7 Carbon
$890.00 $445.00
Powerful and Solid Carbon Fibre Stick, Fleur De Lys Frog inlay and finished in a carbon fibre design