Architier Silver Mounted Stiff MOP Mongolian

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Architier Series A5500 – Silver Mounted, Round Stick with Mongolian Horsetail 4/4 Size

  • $1,050.00

Our Archetier Series is the best of our luthiers efforts. Made from the best selected strong woods
and with the finest horsehair. Finished in precious metals, each of these are
handmade by a master maker 

Carefully Selected Pernambuco Strong Wood. French Pecatte Style This bow is stiffer and easy to
control. Helps to display a large array of dynamic and vivid tone colors. Well Balanced and a very versatile piece to work with as many tone colors and genres of violin music can be played with this bow.  The stick produces a very good and well balance bounce and hairs stick well to the strings.



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Set is sold without a case but can be packaged together with the purchase of any new instrument. 

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