At Belcanto Violins we have a bow for every need. From the very beginning to a professional level. These are made affordable but are excellent quality for maximum sound and playability. Pernambuco Brazil wood to carbon fibers. We also carry a Baroque Bow model made from snakewood. All bows are from 1/16 size to 4/4. Ā Make an appointment to come down to try or directly fill in our instrument order form.

Bow Model Range

BVB1001 Student Bow, Round Stick

Price $20

Easy Playability, Balanced and Durable

$20Student bow.JPG

BVB2003 Brazilwood Bow, whale bone style winding, Ā Silver Mounted, Hexagonal Stick

Price $85

Heavy, reliable andĀ deepĀ tone.


BVB2005 Pernambuco Bow with Fleur De Lys Frog Inlay, Gold Mounted

Price $120

Reliable, Sweet Tone, Comfortable and Beautiful to behold


BVB2007 Pernambuco Bow, Hexagonal stick, Silver Mounted

Price $150

Sweet Resonant Tone, Focused and Excellent in control and Playability.Ā  Our mostĀ popular model.


BVB2008 Pernambuco Bow with Extended Screw

Price $190

Deeply Resonant, Good balance and powerful range. Comfortable for big hands

BV3005 Pernambuco Bow, Hexagonal stick Ā with Artistic Frog & Screw

Price $220

Resonant, Powerful and Sweet Tone


BVB4005 Artistic Black Bow, partial Carbon with Stylized Ivory (cow bone) Frog, Round Stick, gripping Siberian horse hairs suitable for solo playing.

Price $250

Sweet Brilliant Tone, Resonant, Direct andĀ Focused Sound.Ā 


BVB4008 Artistic Black Bow Partial Carbon Fibre with Stylized Tortoiseshell (bullshorn) Frog, Round Stick with gripping Siberian horse hairs suitable for solo playing.

Price $285

Focused, PowerfulĀ Strong & RobustĀ Tone, Easy Playability


BVB5005 Full Carbon Fibre Bow with Fleur De Lys Frog Inlay, Round Stick, with gripping Siberian horse hairs make it suitable for solo playing.

Price $350

Beautifully finished, Powerful & Resonant for all CarbonĀ Fiber Bow lovers! Ā (Popular choice for Adult Learners and Advanced Students)Ā 

$350CarbonBow fleurdelys

BVB 6005 Baroque Bow in Snakewood

Price $420

Very Durable Stick, Resonant, Clear and Focused Sound, True to Baroque Style.Ā  A Must for all Bach Lovers and Players!

$400 Baroque bow