At Belcanto Violins we have a bow for every need. From the very beginning to a professional level. These are made affordable but are excellent quality for maximum sound and playability. Pernambuco Brazil wood to carbon fibers. We also carry a Baroque Bow model made from snakewood. All bows are from 1/16 size to 4/4. Ā Make an appointment to come down to try or directly fill in our instrument order form.

Bow Model Range

BVB1001 Student Bow, Round Stick

Price $20 $10

Easy Playability, Balanced and Durable

$20Student bow.JPG

BVB2003 Brazilwood Bow, whale bone style winding, Ā Silver Mounted, Hexagonal Stick

Price $85 $42.50

Heavy, reliable andĀ deepĀ tone.


BVB2005 Pernambuco Bow with Fleur De Lys Frog Inlay, Gold Mounted

Price $120 $60

Reliable, Sweet Tone, Comfortable and Beautiful to behold


BVB2007 Pernambuco Bow, Hexagonal stick, Silver Mounted

Price $150 $75

Sweet Resonant Tone, Focused and Excellent in control and Playability.Ā  Our mostĀ popular model.


BVB2008 Pernambuco Bow with Artistic Frog

Price $180 $90

Resonant, FocusedĀ &Ā Delicate Tone


BV3005 Pernambuco Bow, Hexagonal stick Ā with Artistic Frog & Screw

Price $220 $110

Resonant, Powerful and Sweet Tone


BVB4005 Artistic Black Bow, partial Carbon with Stylized Ivory Frog, Round Stick

Price $250 $125

Sweet Brilliant Tone, Resonant, Direct andĀ Focused Sound.Ā 


BVB4008 Artistic Black Bow Partial Carbon Fibre with Stylized Tortoiseshell Frog, Round Stick

Price $285 $142.50

Focused, PowerfulĀ Strong & RobustĀ Tone, Easy Playability


BVB5005 Full Carbon Fibre Bow with Fleur De Lys Frog Inlay, Round Stick

Price $350 $175

Beautifully finished, Powerful & Resonant for all CarbonĀ Fiber Bow lovers! Ā (Popular choice for Adult Learners and Advanced Students)Ā 

$350CarbonBow fleurdelys

BVB 6005 Baroque Bow in Snakewood

Price $420 $240

Very Durable Stick, Resonant, Clear and Focused Sound, True to Baroque Style.Ā  A Must for all Bach Lovers and Players!

$400 Baroque bow