Our BV E Series Exploring the Benefits of Using an Electric Silent Violin: Enhancing Practice, Versatility, and Ear-Friendly Performance

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Our BV E Series Exploring the Benefits of Using an Electric Silent Violin: Enhancing Practice, Versatility, and Ear-Friendly Performance

Vivienne Eio Mar 14, 2024 Blog


We all know that using an electric silent violin is better and kinder to the ears as it reduces the volume of the sound produced compared to traditional acoustic violins. This can help prevent hearing damage and fatigue during practice sessions. This is the reason why at Belcanto Violins we have hand constructed our very own Silent Electric Violin in a BV E Series model available in two color tones: Black and White. But what other benefits could we derive from using an Electric Silent Instrument as Primary or second instrument?


1. *Silent Practice*: Electric silent violins allow for silent practice, making them ideal for practicing in apartments, dorm rooms, or late at night without disturbing others. This way you will never have to miss a practice session ever again. This would ensure consistency in your learning journey.


2. *Versatility*: Electric silent violins can be connected to headphones or amplifiers, offering a wide range of sound customization options and effects. We provide headphones and jacks in the BV E Series Package amongst other freebies that we pop in like a black shoulder rest, a chromatic tuner and rosin and our very solid Brazilwood bow.


3. *Portability*: Electric silent violins are typically packaged in a more compact triangular case for more portability than traditional acoustic violins, making them easier to transport for performances or practice sessions. Plus they are at the affordable cost at $300+ making this at a low risk to use during staged concerts with bands and other instrument players.


4. *Feedback and Recording*: Electric silent violins often have built-in pickups or can be easily connected to recording equipment, allowing for easy recording and playback for practice or performances. You can be hooked in a system just like other band instruments to keep in time and at pace so you can feel that you are working closer as a team with your bandmates. It also saves costs on putting up a special pick up microphone on the acoustic Violin, which may alter the sound of your acoustic instrument which you are not used to hearing and may affect your overall performance. With an Electric Violin, you would already be practising with the same voice as the performance and it would feel very comfortable and natural.


5. *Modern Design*: Electric silent violins come in a variety of modern designs and colors, offering a unique and stylish option for violinists. At Belcanto Violins, we make two color block shades in Black or White, However, just like with our Acoustic Violin Range where colors are customizable, we are also able to make the violin in an array of colors for a low fee of additionally $150. Do contact our customer service to customize your own instrument to your liking. Please allow some time for us to make the instrument which will take up to 2-3 months if lead time before delivery.


6. *Playability*: Electric silent violins often have adjustable settings for playability, such as string tone and volume, making you be able to change your tone and volume level for the comfort of your ears and pressure and touch.


Overall, using an electric silent violin can enhance your practice experience and provide you with more options for sound customization and performance opportunities. Furthermore, being able to switch between instruments, such as an electric silent violin and a traditional acoustic violin, can enhance practice effectiveness. The ability to practice on different instruments can improve memorization work, as it challenges the brain to adapt to different sounds and playing techniques. This can lead to a more versatile and adaptable violinist with a broader range of skills and experiences.