Covid 19 updated policies (as of 11 August 2020)

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Covid 19 updated policies (as of 11 August 2020)

Vivienne Eio Aug 11, 2020 Blog

1. As we are an online store, we have always had viewings and purchases at our gallery by appointment only.  But due to safe distancing measures, we are limiting these appointments to keep within either 15min or 30 min slot durations.  On successful appointments with us, we will let you know your allocation. Please do come alone or to limit yourselves to one other partner, parent or friend.  Do note and comply with further measures like temperature taking, feet sanitization and hand washing before approaching our instruments.  Masks will need to be worn at all times in our premise. Failing to comply with our measures, we reserve the right to deny your entry.

2. During this Covid 19 period, we strongly advice purchases by online means with contactless collection or by professional courier services.  For this period there is FOC courier service for all instruments except BV1 Series and BB1 Series bow will have a surcharge of $5 for bows and $10-$20 for violins and violas, please allow 2-5 days for delivery to occur.

3. Refunds and exchanges at this time is strictly not possible due to hygiene reasons. Please measure yourselves carefully and read this article written by Vivienne Eio to deduce your correct violin size. (In doubt buy a size larger if your child doesn’t fit you may purchase the smaller size and you can keep the next size for future use, usually kids outgrow within 1-2 years of each size. All adults 150cm and above use 4/4 size)

4. Repairs and replacement of parts and free servicing are still available to our own customers (with proof of direct purchase) however we would try to take measures to limit the necessity of them by helping to troubleshoot the problem via a series of consultations with us on your problem before advising you to send your instruments in.