Belcanto Babies

About Belcanto Babies Music Classes

Music and movement classes for babies aged 0-15 months old taught by Vivienne Eio.

Explore rhythms, sing familiar childhood melodies and learn new ones, dance to the beat, shake and twirl your little ones in this funfilled musical session.

Each course lasts for 12 weeks and will be thematic for the little ones to learn more about the world around them whilst enjoying music. 

There will be basic instrument play, singing, chanting, dancing, spinning and even sometimes screaming ! (of course all in the name of music!)

And unlike other baby music classes we will learn some basic music theory and skills that will leave an impression for later years of Music learning. 

What’s best of all is if you have have your hands full, you can bring your older child  (16 months and older) in to join our classes for a *nominal lesson fee collectable at the end of each lesson. 

My baby cannot even talk or walk, why do I need to start these classes so early?

Through these music and movement classes babies can benefit in their emotional, physical, musical, cognitive ability, social and fine gross motor skills. For example when beating a drum, a baby learns to use his or her whole arm and simple wrist movements (fine and gross motor development); to adjust the pressure to make the drum sound quiet or loud (cognitive discernment); that his actions produce a sound (cause and effect); and the concept of rhythm (musical development).

Socially, babies learn to adjust and gain confidence into a group learning environment which will set them up for playgroup and preschool years. This is also a fantastic opportunity for parents to bond, interact and play with their babies.  Through these Music classes, is also a great place to meet other moms with babies of similar ages and developmental stages.


Fridays at 10.30am

  • March – May (The Farmer in the Dell)
  • June – August (Under the Sea)
  • September -November (Winter Wonderland theme TBC) 

Each session lasts for 45minutes

Course Fees

Each Thematic course will run for 12 weeks @10 lessons priced at $250 with each lesson at the affordable rate of $25. 

Each course is payable upon registering your baby at $250. 

There will be a one time registration fee of $10 to join.

Trial classes: it is possible to have a non commitment class to try out the classes for you and baby. These classes will be at $30 per session. 

*nominal lesson fees for sibling attendees is at $6 per session limited to one sibling per paying baby. 

Note that there are no refunds for classes missed. 

Max class size is capped at 12 babies per class so hurry register your baby today! 

Lesson contact and Location

1A one tree hill, one tree hill residence Singapore 248669

how to get there

Registration and contact email:

+65 8694 2694