April Concert Recital 2021

Recorded Performances by our Students from our Own Studio

At Belcanto Violins Music Studio, we have a performance once in every six months. This is a compulsory event for all students to take part in as a soloist. This showcases what they have learnt during the term and offers some feedback to their learning journey with Vivienne. They can also view past concerts to see their own progress. Due to Covid-19 we have had stagger our recitals out and recorded it in our own Studio instead of a Concert Hall Venue, regardless we are grateful to have an avenue of performance opportunity. A special thanks to all Students and Parents who have been an integral part of this project.


It’s been a pleasure & privilege to be able to study the violin with you Teacher Vivienne. Thank you for your patience and passion while teaching me, allowing me to enjoy this learning process…….thanks to you I have learnt & improved faster than I would have under any other teacher.


Join us or let us know your thoughts about our Recitals.

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