Belcanto Supremo Series

The Belcanto Supremo Series are instruments of solo quality and are individually priced at $4.000 and above. This exquisite range of Violins and bows are made by our most Master Luthiers of more than 30 years of experience by the best aged European imported tonewoods. Each Belcanto Supremo Series strives to provide a long lasting and fulfilled partnership with its owner and for generations to come.

Belcanto Supremo $6,800 $3,400

Note that all Supremo Violins do not come with a bow and case. For delivery, our personnel will hand your instrument directly to you transported in our case. You may also purchase a case and bow from us.

This Violin is made by our award winning master maker of over 35 years of experience in Violin Making. Made of aged imported European maple which features a fine to medium grain on it’s back ribs neck and scroll. The dynamic contrasts are adequate as a solo instrument.

Antique European Instruments

For more serious players you may consider investing in our European range of antique instruments which mostly appreciate in value if kept and maintained responsibly over time.

All antique instruments are from Europe. At Belcanto Violins it is important and in our interest that these instruments are guaranteed to be authentic. Thus, much experience, research and care is taken to produce authentic proper certification that verifies this. We have also undertaken the responsibility to ensure these instruments are meticulously restored and set up by our European Luthiers. We guarantee these instruments to be concert ready for your use.

Let us know if you looking for a particular violin/viola or bow maker or price range. We will try our best to source them and get them in for you at an affordable price.

The photos in our catalogue are only some of the available instruments for sale and available at the moment to try at our studio gallery. Contact us with a screen capture of the instrument you are interested in and we will assist you with testing it and purchasing it.



French Bow – Bazin, certificate by JF Raffin

European Violins $5,000 – $15,000