The Belcanto Violins Brand Story


Belcanto Violins is a range of violins by Vivienne Eio with Superb craftsmanship following closely to Italian tradition. Their crisp, responsive resonant tones make them resound and stand out. Each violin is made with careful consideration and at our workshop by a team of our American and European trained luthiers. Each violin’s wood is responsibly chosen well and put together, flamed and then uniquely varnished to make the most treasured sounds. In our Professional Series range you would find that no two Violins even within the same model, would look identical to one another as every violin that we make we are proud that it is a piece of art and makers’ masterpieces.

“Bel Canto” is Italian for “beautiful singing” As Violins are the voice of Violinists, Belcanto Violins aim to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of sound of every violinist with its high quality wood and also uniqueness of each instrument’s voice, each modelled after the Stradivari or Guarneri family style.

They are priced as low as $150 to as high as $3980 to meet the needs of the player at every level of learning, ranging from 1/16 size to full size 4/4.  Click here if you are unsure of your violin size.  The Professional Series are made from Aged and Imported European Tonewoods by our most senior makers.

All Violins are priced with affordability with the ideal of giving every person a chance to own a good sounding instrument at the lowest cost. Be rest assured that even the most basic model BV1001 possesses a crisp and powerful resonance and easy playability. Please click here to view our catalogue on the violin range that is available which will meet your needs.

The Belcanto Violins Supremo range of violins are individually priced at $3,900 and above (up to SGD$19,000.) These violins are handmade by our most master luthiers from aged European imported wood and are of absolute superb solo quality.  Each Belcanto Violins Supremo strives to provide quality and a long lasting and fulfilled partnership with its owner and for generations.

If you already own a violin, we also have our range of Belcanto Violin Bows priced very affordably to pair with any violin.  Never underestimate the importance of owning a good bow just like a painter who needs a good brush to create something beautiful, Belcanto Violin Bows are made to create beautiful tone colors to bring out the best of any violin.

Every Belcanto Violin comes with a matching case, Bow and Rosin.

Come down today to have a try of our Professional Violin Range. By appointment only.

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“It was difficult to source good quality Violins in Asia for myself and my students. Establishing the Belcanto Violins Workshop with my own input as a Professional Musician and our own very driven, passionate and creative Makers who constantly strive for excellence, it has given me a way to contribute to the musical environment, making a difference to enable string musicians to find their voice and good partner to work with during their many hours or practise and performance” – Vivienne Eio (Owner and Founder of Belcanto Violins)