Standard Black Shoulder Rest

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Standard Black Shoulder Rest

  • $15.00

Most purchased Shoulder Rest Model. This lightweight and durable shoulder rest is made from high quality plastic and compressed foam rest. Foldable legs and adjustable for both size and height, this shoulder rest will fit almost any instrument.  Comes in 4 size options.  This Shoulder Rest will fit niftily into all our Belcanto Violin Cases of the corresponding size.  Please note that this is standard shoulder black shoulder rest. hence due to Batch Manufacturing some attributes and looks may differ from the photographs.



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  • Simple design

  • Very hardy

  • In different sizes: 

    • XS 1/16-10

    • S 1/8 to 1/4 size

    • M 1/2 size 

    • L 4/4 size

Accessory is delivered in packaging.

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