BV6 Series Viola

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BV6.6 Series Viola

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Although we make all price ranges of Viola, we have only displayed here our best selling models which is suitable from Beginner to Professional use.  These Violas are constructed from specially selected tonewoods with wide maple spruce. The Adult Sizes Handmade by our Luthier with a passion for violas who has decades of experience in instrument making and Fractional Sizes are made by a Team at our workshop now overseen by his expertise. Beautifully made and priced very competitively, the instrument should bring the musician many years of satisfaction in ownership. 


3 Adult 4/4 Standard Sizes, 15, 15.5 and 16 inches and other Fractional Viola Sizes beginning at a 5 year old model at 11 Inches in this Professional Series Model.  Prices are indicated in the selections.

All Violas will be sold with either USA or European made strings installed most suitable for the particular pieces picked by our expertise. 

  • We do make also Violas in Student Models in varying sizes and a Supremo Range of Professional Viola Series as well.  Please contact us to enquire about these and prices.
  • We make cellos too in many price ranges. Please contact us to enquire about these and prices.
  • We keep Prices down by offering this product pricing staggard by size to encourage younger kids to take up this wonderful string instrument.   
  • Customers who have bought this model have gone on to win Top Prizes at Competitions.



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These Instruments are Available from 11 Inch Sizes

You may expect a smooth but strong performance with a clear sound and a wide tonal range that has a very sonorous voice.  This model has a solid core bass tone characteristic of a good viola's voice and satisfying compatibility for all viola players even at it's smallest size at 11 inches.


The Audio Sample here is played with a 15 Inch Viola with the Viola Bow that is provided in this Set for purchase.  All violas of this range will have the same tone qualities and made of the same wood quality.

This model has a wide range of applications including learning, demonstrations and performances. 

All Violas are fitted with European or USA made strings as considered diligently by our expertise.  As with all Professional Instruments at Belcanto Violins , we would custom fit each viola with the best matched strings for the individual instrument.   All Violas come with a Strong Brazilwood Bow of Professional Quality and are packaged in a lightweight Premium viola case with an included rosin. 

Viola Size Chart (Recommended Ages)(Arm Length) Please measure from neck to middle of palm, you can also refer to Violin Sizing article to understand the correct method of measurement.

12" 6-7 years old 50.8cm

13" 7-9 years old 54.6cm - 55.9cm

14" 9-12 years old 58cm approx 

15" 10-12 years old and Adult with Shorter Arm Length 62.2cm approx

15.5 inches Adult Arm Length 63.5cm - 64cm

16 inches Adult with Longer Arm Length 66cm

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