BV5 Matte

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BV5 Matte

  • $760.00

These are advanced level violins which are very well handcrafted by our BV5 Team of makers with superior Maple tonewoods to the BV5 Series Gloss. The BV5 Series Matte is finished with a less bright varnish creating a matte finish and is finished to a high standard. You can expect inlay fittings of ebony and mother of pearl on some which are artistically suited by our Makers. 



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The richer and more expressive tones create a sound structure ideal for advanced students all the way to Diploma Level Examinations. It can serve as an advanced level violinists primary instrument or a professionals back up/practice instrument. The matte version has a deeper resonance and more in depth tonal colours. It is suitable for a wide range of applications. 

  • Featherlight Oblong Case and Cloth Cover

  • BB3 Series Brazilwood Bow 

  • Belcanto Violins Premium Strings 

  • Large Piece Rosin

  • Ebony Pegs, Tailpiece and Chinrest

  • Four Fine Tuners

  • Available in 1/10-4/4 Sizes

  • Delivery at only $10.00 within Singapore

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