BV1 Matte

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BV1 Matte

  • $250.00 -20%

  • $200.00

Belcanto Violins 1 Series are our entry level violins. Each piece is lightweight & handcrafted and set at an affordable price but with a good balance of sound and build quality. This Matte model has a different outward appearance due to the varnish application.  A higher quality wood is used to construct the instrument which will produce a richer tone from the gloss. 

Belcanto Violins Premium Set Strings can also be fitted onto this instrument for you if you add this to your cart at check out and leave a comment for us to install this for you.  The upgraded strings set will further enhance the sound/tone quality and stability of this instrument.  Please note however that the sample audio recording is done with the workshop strings as photographed.



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You can expect our Belcanto Violins signature “crisp, resonant and warm mellow tone” with easy playability for the BV1 Matte. Its sound is refreshing, accessible and conveys a satisfaction for the player and the listener. 

  • Triangular Featherlight Case 

  • Strong BB1 Series Bow 

  • Fuss Free Rosin 

  • Inbuilt 4 Fine Tuner Tailpiece

  • Flat Shoulder Rest

  • Available in Sizes 1/16-4/4

  • Delivery at only $10.00 within Singapore

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