BV E Series

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BV E Series

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Our electric violins are designed for use in both performance and personal space. These instruments are fully electric and battery operated silent violins, lightweight and sturdy in construction. They are highly adaptable being easy to record with mic-options as well as output options for use with a wired headphone. You may play this instrument in perfect silence as well as in a concert setting. These instruments are versatile and it's tones and users will meet the demands of beginners to professional for work, concerts or practise late at night.  It is no louder than a human voice.

Extremely well selling, it is considered the best value for money electric violin available today. 

Available in Black or White. 



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As an electric instrument, it produces violin music the same way that a normal violin does but uses a transducer to pick up mechanical sound waves for reproduction as an electric audio signal. Final sound output is dependent on the full set up that the user chooses to deploy. 

Violin Model: Black or White E Series Violin

  1. Four fine tuner Tail Piece
  2. Case: Triangular Feather Weight Case
  3. Bow: BB 3 Series Brazil Wood
  4. Fuss Free Rosin BVA011
  5. Black Shoulder Rest BVA001
  6. 9v Battery
  7. Jack for Amplifier use
  8. Headphones
  9. Extra Set of Replacement Strings
  10. Chromatic Digital Tuner BVA005

All Violins Come with 6 Month Warranty Against Mechanical Failure, it does not cover negligence, misuse or any accidents. 

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