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  • $1,880.00

This beautiful instrument has a beautiful rare one piece even maple bold grained back. The grains are alike to its tone to be evenly distributed yet not confined. It is a really resonant and opened  instrument and a great find for its price.   Violin is made by a craftsman with at least 15 years of experience in Violin Making.  Excellent Value and will be of very good use for years and decades to come.  

This instrument in 4/4 has been reserved. Please purchase before hand the next instrument by purchasing here and we will reserve the next one for you. For all other sizes we have in store or in stock.



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A well balanced resonance with a dark and gorgeous tone. The instrument portrays a wide spectrum of tone and brilliant colors. Superb quality and a marvellous playing experience at a very reasonable price.  This Violin Photographed is in 4/4 Size. Sizes from 1/8 are also available for sale and we can photograph them for your purchase. 

  • Featherlight Deluxe Professional Oblong Case, Hygrometer and Cloth Cover

  • BB5 Series Octagon Pernambuco Bow 

  • This Violin in 4/4 is fitted with Pirastro Violino Strings and audio has been recorded as such

  • Large Piece Rosin

  • Ebony Pegs, Tailpiece and Chinrest

  • Four Fine Tuners

  • Available in 1/8-4/4 Sizes

  • Delivery at only $10.00 within Singapore

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