BB7 Carbon

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BB7 Carbon

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Powerful Solid carbon fibre bow from Belcanto Violins with a stunning Fleur De Lys Frog inlay and finished in a sleek carbon fibre design, this bow is a true masterpiece.

Featuring a well-weighted and balanced construction, it allows for controlled bow strokes and a vast range of dynamics.

Perfect for examinations and competition use, this bow is ideal for spiccato, ricochet passages, and more. 

The Siberian quality hairs ensure excellent grip on the strings, making it a reliable and responsive choice for musicians. 

Available in sizes ranging from 1/8 to 4/4, this bow is a must-have for violinists of all levels

Experience the artistry and quality of Belcanto Violins with our exceptional carbon fibre bow. Order yours today and take your violin playing to new heights! 

4/4 Size Weighs Approx 61g



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Set is sold without a case but can be packaged together with the purchase of any new instrument. 

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