BB3 Bow

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BB3 Bow

  • $120.00

Octagonal Stick* Silver Mounted with Parisian Eye made with high quality Brazilwood 

  • Easy playability
  • Well balanced and durable
  • Stronger than other similar priced bows. 
  • Helps to produce a maximum sound and an array of tone colors with all violins. 
  • Bow Weight for 4/4 size: 62-67g.

Available in 1/10 to 4/4 sizes. 

This is included for Violin Series BV1 Special Edition, BV3 Violins and BV5 Gloss and Matte Violins.

*Occasionally we make this bow with a round stick edition.  Please check with us if we have for sale at time of purchase if you would prefer a round stick. 



This product is out of stock, submit your email and we will update once it restock.

Set is sold without a case but can be packaged together with the purchase of any new instrument. 

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