BB3 Bow

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BB3 Bow

  • $250.00 -30%

  • $175.00

Octagonal Stick* Frog with a Double Parisian Eye made with high quality Brazilwood 


A reliable and well-balanced bow that draws a deep tone and produces adequate tone colors for players up to a reasonably advanced level.


Crafted with precision and designed for optimal playability, this bow is the perfect choice for musicians of all sizes. Experience the richness and versatility of this bow and unlock your musical potential with our exceptional Brazil Wood Stick Violin Bow.

  • Bow Weight for 4/4 size: 62-67g.

Available in 1/10 to 4/4 sizes. 

This is included for Violin Series BV1 Special Edition, all BV3, BV E Series Violins and BV5 Gloss and Matte Violins.

*Occasionally we make this bow with a round stick edition.  Please check with us if we have for sale at time of purchase if you would prefer a round stick. 




This product is out of stock, submit your email and we will update once it restock.

Set is sold without a case but can be packaged together with the purchase of any new instrument. 

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