1671 "Oistrakh" Stradivarius

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1671 "Oistrakh" Stradivarius

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A copy of the 1671 Oistrakh Stradivarius, this exceptional instrument is intended as a concert leader’s tool. Named after the Soviet violinist and conductor David Oistrakh, it is fitting in purpose with a sound that is wide and captivating. The instrument has a two piece back with patterns slanting downwards with contrasting colours, unusual for Stradivarius designs and has a varnish that is golden brown in colour. Made from imported European aged maple woods on the body, ribs, and back, this exceptional instrument is eye catching and unforgettable. 

This Violin is made by master maker of over 30 years of experience in Violin Making. 



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Like its namesake, this instrument is best suited to a performer and ideally a leader of an orchestra. It has wide tonal sounds and has a depth of sound that belies its size. In the right hands, this instrument has the strength to be both a soloist or a first chair of an orchestra. 

All Belcanto Supremo instruments are sold with individual certificates. Buyers are recommended to choose a violin case or a bow from our collection that reflects their style and preference; these are not included in the pricing.

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